vfx for all !

Are you looking VFX for your TV Show, Movie or Musical clip ? We can do that !

But we are also able to provide VFX/3D services on all you can need, even if you haven’t thought about it yet !

on-set supervision

Do you want to integrate 3D elements in your shot ? Use a green screen ? Or reconstruct your set in photogrammetry ?

We make sure that’s all you shoot on set is optimized to have the final result you want.


From video tutorials to the benches of the universities, we share our knowledge, because it’s together that we grow up.


Do you have an audiovisual project and you don’t know where to start ? You make a clip but you don’t know what are the constraints of the vfx post production ? We are here to help you !

Let’s share VFX !

What is UiSpik VFX ?

« UiSpikVFX is focused on what you need ! That’s you’re at the beginning of your project and need advices in pre-production, or you’re looking for experimentd people on your set, we support you from scratch to the post-production to do high level vfx for your projects !

Full CG shot, 3D integration, Digital matte painting ! We offer a large range of skills with a specialization in envrionment and set extension !

Working with UiSpik VFX is also the assurance of being in contact with a hudge network of freelancers used to working together. So, our team is able to grow according to what you need ! We can be an army ! »

Who am I ?

« Hi, I’m Guillaume, a french VFX artist. Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a great variety of projects like blockbusters, TV shows and short films as an environment artist/lead. Now with UiSpikVFX I then moved to be a freelance remote generalist wich working on projects that only have your imagination as a limit. »

VFX for all !

Are you looking VFX for your TV Show, Movie or Musical clip ?

We can do a large range of VFX with a specialization in environment, digital matte painting and set extension !

Full CG shot, 2D, 2.5D or 3D integration, we can optimize the process to be the most efficient based on what you’re looking for.

If you have a project and that you need vfx on it, we look forward to hearing from you.

VFX for all the situations !

VFX and 3D are often used for video project but not only. We can use our knowledge in many ares as 3D reconstruction for documentaries, photogrammetry for archeological purpose or to numerise objects, 360° virtual visit to present a place like a monument or an art gallery or a house to sell, architecture, etc…

So if you have an audiovisual project, don’t hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to discuss it with you !

Be focus on the story, we take care of the VFX !

On-Set supervision

VFX and 3D are complex and sometimes a detail can change everything.

If you need VFX in your project, you need a VFX supervisor on your set to be sure that all your time and your money are used to have the best possible result.

We have experience and equipment to manage all the situations : integrate 3D elements, supervize 2D or 3D tracking, use a green screen, scan elements or materials and textures, etc…

So, if you have a project and that you need vfx on it, we look forward to hearing from you.


Sorry, this is only available in french for now.

Making audiovisual content accessible to everyone is our goal !


Do you have a project and the technical aspect brakes you to progress ?

We are able to discuss from scratch or to integrate into your production, to help you to organize all the aspect of your project to integrate easily VFX and 3D at your content.

  • What are the constraints to do this effects ?
  • How much will it cost me ?
  • How long and how many people will I need ?

Add visual effects in your musical clip, create a world to present and train your AI, recreate yourself in 3D, etc… Your only limit is your imagination and we are here to help you !

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We look forward to hearing from you !

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